Welcome to

Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition

A Weight Inclusive, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size focused practice based in Astoria, NY. I'm so happy you are here and cannot wait to work with you!

A place where... 

food and flexibility meet

self-care and self-compassion are emphasized

all bodies are appreciated and respected


Ready to Make Peace with Food?

How many diets actually exist in the world? Have any of them ever worked for you? Looking for a fresh take on food? I'm here to help!


How it Works

Step 1: Reach out - lets learn about each other and discover the best way to meet your goals

Step 2: Schedule your first appointment and we'll be on our way - always learning, constantly adjusting, and openly communicating about your individualized plan

Step 3: Follow up (as needed) - stay in touch as life continues to change, goals may change too, and I will be here to listen and help

**Please note all appointments are currently virtual**