Nutrition Counseling

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Raise your hand if...​​
  • Food feels confusing with too many "rules"
  • Exercise feels mandatory
  • Feeling comfortable in your body feels foreign
Don't worry, I get it
You're in the right place
I want to learn about you...
  • Why do you eat the food you do?
  • How is your relationship with food?
  • What are you hoping to achieve when starting your next diet?
So, if you're ready to...
  • Bring the joy back to food
  • Find your inner intuitive eater
  • Ditch diet culture for good
Then let's do this!
  • Let's focus on you and talk about your relationship with food, exercise, and your body
  • Let's talk about diet culture and debunk some nutrition myths
  • Let's discuss your history with dieting and how these diets did or didn't serve you 
Let's find where food and flexibility meet!

See What Clients are Saying

Stephanie takes the time to get to know each of her clients on a personal level. She cares about their physical, mental, and emotional health surrounding food, exercise, and as a whole. Stephanie attentively listens to her client's needs, goals, and feelings. She provides insightful guidance and tips surrounding nutrition and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I am grateful for Stephanie!

For a while I had been searching for a dietitian to work with but was always hesitant to reach out as I knew what was in my future based on past experiences: restrictions, dieting, and inevitably falling off the wagon. I knew that I was tired of the cycle but did not know how to get out of it. So when I came across Stephanie's website and read about this idea of Intuitive Eating, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for - a way to disassociate myself from diet culture and become more in tune with my body. Stephanie is truly passionate about what she does and I always walk away from our sessions feeling incredibly positive that this is the right path for me.

Communication and scheduling is amazing! Thank you for being extremely approachable, flexible, understanding, and patient. Really appreciate that!

I have really enjoyed working with Stephanie. I have found her to be very supportive, knowledgeable and positive during our sessions.

I think the most profound thing I have discovered in my journey with Stephanie is that the past dieting programs I have followed played a huge role in ruining my relationship with food when their intention was made out to do the exact opposite. They left me not knowing where to turn because I felt I needed a plan to tell me what and when to eat which only perpetuated the cycle. Through the principles of Intuitive Eating and working with Stephanie, I am learning to listen to and trust my body to tell me its needs and wants and knowing that both are okay. The inclusive and encouraging environment Stephanie creates has helped me challenge the associations between food, weight loss and self-confidence that I have linked for so long.