• Stephanie Dorfman, MS, RD

Do Not Fall for the Diet Culture Traps!

Considering starting a new diet for the new year? I am here to validate, hear, and normalize your want to "change your lifestyle" with a new diet, BUT read below for some important information before you buy into the diet traps.

It is the first Monday of the New Year and I feel like this is a holiday on its own for the $70+ billion diet industry. The first day where the new shiny diets try to capture you in their trap promising you so many lies.

SO PLEASE!!!! Do not take "advantage" of these deals. Do not think this will be the diet that will change your life. Do not waste your money on non-evidence based products. Do not start the vicious diet cycle again this year! ⁠

Diets make it may seem like you have "failed" their program, but truthfully, your body WON in saving you from that crazy diet, and the diet failed to do what it unfairly "promised."⁠


  • Would you pay for a medication or anything with a 80-90% fail rate?⁠

  • Would you participate in a program that leads to obsessive thoughts and lack of trust in yourself?⁠

  • Would you try something that emphasizes restriction?⁠

  • Would you do something that minimizes and suppresses natural body cues?⁠

Those questions and so many other things to consider are not shared or explained when you start a diet!⁠ The diet industry benefits from you "failing" using their products, so you move on to the next shiny new diet trap and give them more money. It may seem like you have "failed" but truthfully, your body WON in saving you from that crazy diet, and the diet failed to do what it "promised."⁠

Let me say - IT IS NORMAL - to want to start a diet or new type of food routine this time of year. It is what we have been taught our whole lives and is advertised everywhere we look. It is unfortunately a way for us to "fit in" with society and friends doing the same thing. ⁠

BUT before you consider a program promising a "lifestyle change" or a way for you to change your body - consider what is mentioned above and remember, there is a strong tribe of anti-diet, intuitive eating, weight inclusive, and HAES dietitians out there to help you! ⁠

Are you ready to become an intuitive eater? Take the "quiz" to find out below. If you have any questions or are looking to break the dieting cycle and try a different approach - please reach out. I am here for you!

Looking for more support? I am here to provide a safe space to listen and help!

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