• Stephanie Dorfman, MS, RD

Shout Out to Self Care!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Giving a big shout out to taking care of YOURSELF today! All about self care appreciation and some ways we can all do a little more to take care of ourselves in this crazy, busy world we live in.

No Time for Self Care? What Could Happen?

When our schedules start to get busier, the stress can build up and we can forget to take a step back from our hectic lives. This could lead to burnout, increased levels of anxiety, less creativity, decreased efficiency, etc. When we don’t take care of ourselves, everything around us also suffers. Trust me. I’ve been there. So - let’s talk SELF CARE.

Whether you’re dietitian , student, mother, doctor, teacher, or whoever, we all need to take some time out of our day to take care of ourselves! Even if you’re not a yoga lover or into meditation (these are more cliché ideas of self-care), there are so many options for all of us to help us destress during the day!

Here are some self care ideas that you can bring into your day! Even if you only have a few minutes to spare or an hour, you DESERVE to care for yourself and take some time out of your day JUST FOR YOU. You can decide how long you want to do any self care activity that works best with your schedule!

  1. Go for a walk outside. Fresh air always makes me feel calm.

  2. Make yourself your favorite meal and enjoy it!

  3. Blast music and dance around the house.

  4. Do a workout video on Youtube. Do something that you think is fun!

  5. Listen to a podcast

  6. Put on a face mask and pretend you’re at a spa!

  7. Call up a friend/family member and say hi.

  8. Do some cleaning around the house.

  9. Unplug from social media and read a book.

  10. Journal your thoughts and feelings

  11. Get enough sleep/take a nap!

  12. If it’s nice outside, make for yourself a picnic and go to a local park

  13. Watch your favorite TV show

  14. Take a bubble bath or hop into a hot shower!

  15. ASK FOR HELP!!!

This last idea of self care is definitely the toughest, but sometimes, we all just need some help and to understand that we cannot do everything on our own! This is me letting you know - you have full permission to ask for help!

It’s important to share your feelings and ask for help when you need it because the people around us are not mind readers!

You need to tell them or ask them for what you need - and vice versa. Similar to Intuitive Eating, taking care of ourselves is a journey and does not come easily or happen all at once.

The list of self care activities is endless and can include whatever makes YOU feel good! Take a step back from your busy life and treat yourself how you SHOULD ALWAYS be treated! Share below - what are your favorite forms of self care?

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