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"Should I Eat This?" - The Series Unravelling Common Food Rules

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Welcome to the "Should I Eat This" series - where the answer is always* yes, but here are the reasons why.

Ok let's discuss this first because it's important to note:

*Always - I will be defining "always" in these posts with the comment that ALL FOODS (yes every single food item) can and should be enjoyed UNLESS you are allergic, intolerant, or truly do not like the food*⁠

Let's Unravel these Food Rules

I get questions all the time about specific foods/food groups - "should I eat [insert food here]," "is it healthy to eat [insert food here]," "is it bad to eat [insert food here]." All of these food rules that have been created over time and advertised and confirmed by various media outlets (ugh diet culture is everywhere!) and need to be broken! And that's where this new series comes in!

The "Should I Eat This" Series will break down the "rules" that are now, somehow, considered "normal" and discuss why you should always enjoy ALL FOODS (yes every single food item) - acknowledging the comment above about the use of "always."

Food should not have moral value
Food should not control your decisions
Food should not have power over you


Be treated as food

Be used as energy

Be used as fuel

Be something we enjoy

Be something that brings us pleasure

Be something that brings us together

So, should you eat [insert food here]? You'll have to follow along the series to find out! (but yes....the answer is always* yes! You should definitely eat that food!)

Have specific foods you are curious about? Should you eat them? Reach out and let me know! I'll unravel that food rule.
Want to dive deeper into specific food rules? I am here for you! Feel free to schedule a free discovery call so we can connect!

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