Professional Mentoring

Attention all...
  • Nutrition students
  • RD2be in your dietetic internship
  • Dietitians interested in practicing from an Intuitive Eating approach
I would love to work with you!
If you are...
  • Feeling confused about how to practice using an intuitive eating approach after all of the weight centric messages you learn in school
  • Looking for help balancing school life, while also gaining dietetic experience
  • Interested in getting more involved in the weight inclusive nutrition, Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating world
I am here to help!
So, if you're ready to...
  • Learn how to incorporate Intuitive Eating practices to your work
  • Build up a bank of resources
  • Get your questions answered and create a plan to move forward
Then let's do this!
  • Let's create a plan with actionable next steps to reach your goals
  • Let's discuss ways to incorporate weight inclusive and anti-diet practices to your workplace
  • Let's celebrate your wins and and boost your confidence as an Intuitive Eating dietitian!