Discovery Call: during this free 15 minute call, we will learn more about each other and answer any questions you may have.
Initial Session: during this first session, we will discuss your goals, food preferences, relationship with food, body, and movement, and more. I will meet you where you are and together we will work toward your goals.
Follow-Up Session: during the following sessions, we will pick up where we left off, answer additional questions, and move forward toward achieving your goals.
**Please note all appointments are currently virtual**
Nutrition Counseling - What to Expect
What is nutrition counseling?
A one-on-one session with a Registered Dietitian to work toward your personal nutrition goals. We will work together to set realistic and achievable goals - I will always meet you where you are at. 
What are some things we will discuss?
Nutrition is not the only thing we will talk about! First of all, I want to learn about you - your personality, your nutrition journey so far, and anything else you want to share.
There are so many aspects of life that can impact our success to reach our nutrition goals. We will definitely talk about food - your relationship with food, preferences, allergies, favorite meals and snacks, grocery shopping, and cooking. We will also touch on medical history, exercise habits, body image, the diet industry and diet culture, sleep habits, and more. Everyone's nutrition journey looks different. Please know there will be many ups and downs along the way, but I will be here to help!
How often will we work together?
I typically recommend that we see each other at least every other week while we are actively working together. This way, we will stay up to date on goals and other things we are working on.
On the fence about getting started?
That is ok!! I cannot emphasize that enough! It is scary, nerve wracking, and takes a lot of guts to try something new, so I applaud you for all the work you have done this far. Try out the quiz below to see if you are ready to start your intuitive eating journey - I will be here for you regardless!
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